Let it be… L

We are all guilty of hypocrisy. It certainly isn’t intended, yet we all do this. I have yet again had a rant on social media regarding some of my posts being deleted from my pages. Taking it rather personally sometimes; I can’t understand why people would report my images. It’s art after all! If people …

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All that ink for what? A

I am often asked about my tattoos and it’s certainly a great conversation starter. You may notice that I have a few and, they are all rather random. What I love about it; is that each of them has some meaning behind it, and whilst not everyone gets it; I feel that I’m a walking …

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What the DM?! W

Have you ever wondered what goes on in my DM’s? Of course, you have! Or you could only imagine or assume right? Doing what I’m doing one would naturally assume that you attract all kinds of attention. Personally, it doesn’t bother me. From my understanding; it is human nature to get excited, intrigued, even mesmerised …

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Our future women O

An open letter to your daughter I am often asked how my children feel about what I do. There are some who have even suggested that what I do may “scar” my daughter. “Have you thought about the implications of what you do, would have on her?” This is for you…. In a world today; …

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From a joke into a calendar F

Blessings come in various ways I am feeling so incredibly blessed and humbled. When someone asked me middle last year (2018) “when will the calendars come”, I responded that it wasn’t a bad idea. I put it to the test on my story line on Instagram and had such a huge response that it was …

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I am often asked what my family thinks of what I do. I

In the past it used to irk me, and even amuse me that people would ask that question. Why on earth would you wonder that? And most the time I do not understand what that question really means. It’s not until recently that I have come to realise that people are genuinely curious. Being nude …

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I don’t suffer – I survive Lupus I

I usually drift off during my lash appointments. It’s the small matter of having to lie still and not being able to open your eyes for at least an hour and a half. Sometimes two hours. Unfortunately for Sammy, I’m a fiddler and struggle to keep still. So, the only other alternative is to catch …

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Fine Art Nude F

A while back my husband and I was planning a weekend alone. The kids already arranged with their gran to go visit her. My eldest expressed a little concern as she felt her gran was being “strange” when she asked whether her and her brother could come visit.  Ordinarily granny would jump at the prospect …

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What does society expect, my perspective?
Nude art for sale

I think we can all relate when the topic of “society and what it expects” that comes up in discussion quite often. The fact that so many things are frowned- upon as we are lead to believe that it is either wrong or unpleasant or just not accepted. Being brought up in a single household, …

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This is Me and What I do
Nude BodyScape

There is often a misconception as to what I do – and why I do it.  I consider myself a fulltime artist and business woman.  My art is modelling; either live or photographically. A lot of which are – you would NEVER guess – NUDE!!! What that means is that I pose in classic or …

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