About me

A candid account

Who is Alli?

Hi! My name is Allison-Ann Montgomery-Maaske. So in answer to the most common questions:

I am 40 years old, my birthday is on 21 January and I am an Aquarius. Yes, it’s on the cusp – however, I am an Aquarius. I am a spiritual being believing that we are the universe and the universe is us. We were created as the universe/God/Almighty Power existing in a human form/life. My full-time job is as a model, ambassador for various brands, professional entertainment presence, Life Coach and counsellor.


I am a mum of two (Daughter and Son – 18 and 16), I’m studying part-time psychology (which has taken a back seat during the past 6 months). I also have qualifications as a professional make-up artist, beautician, certified book keeper, diploma in social media marketing, diploma in photography (entry/beginner), diploma in sports nutrition and in fitness & weight loss.


NOTE: This goes against all writing rules, however, this is also practically my CV, therefor all sentences – or nearly all of them – will start with: “I am” #sorrynotsorry 

My creativity

My nude modelling is another passion. I have always been comfortable in my skin. Knowing that I am able to express a certain “look” or communicate without saying a single word; through my modelling is beautiful to me. Being your authentic self is beautiful. The human form is incredibly powerful, mechanical, breathtakingly beautiful. That each human was created the same but completely different? Just WOW! That with the help of one gesture; you can communicate love, anger, sadness, excitement, or even erotica.



I am very very VERY passionate about equality (aka feminism – however people seem to think that word is the same as sexist, therefore we will stick to equality), empowerment and most of all: HELPING PEOPLE TO HEAL (will get back to this in a moment). I am a public speaker and have spoken many times in front of pretty big crowds whilst living in England. Yes, I’ve lived in the UK most of my adult life. My children are English, though we’ve been in South Africa for the past 7 years.

I am a fitness fanatic, health fanatic and advocate for love and kindness. In fact, I believe we would have a more harmonious life if we had a fair balance of those four areas. I’m also obsessed with human behaviour…..

In saying that,

I do not expect everyone to feel the way I do. I understand that what is liberating to me maybe constrictive to another. Therefore I would never expect people to believe that nudity is the only or the right way. However, I suppose with my art I’d like to believe that it has shown people that nudity can be beautiful. And to break that stigma of nudity = sex. Or nudity is “attention-seeking”.

Now with all of the above – I trust I have given you all the answers to all the common questions I’m usually asked.

But don't let the diagnoses fool you...

I was diagnosed with several medical conditions through-out my life including Lupus, PCOS, rheumatoid arthritis, and various other lines’. I also have Depression, Anxiety and PTSD. I personally have been a stat/victim of sexual abuse and violence, physical and mental abuse.

I am incredibly grateful for all the above – it created and shaped the person I am. I have a burning desire to help as many people as possible, realise their dreams and passions, assist as many people as possible to achieve their dreams and passions, and most of all help as many people as possible heal from whatever obstacles or challenges they have faced (or currently facing).


One last thing

I LOVE music and books and most of all intellectual conversations. 

My Journey to Sensuality

My journey to this creative environment started a few years ago when I posed for a friend for their photography portfolio. This image was posted online, and suddenly a couple local photographers reached out and requested for me to do the same for them. During one of these shoots, I agreed to pose in underwear which surprisingly to me; felt as comfortable as reading.

Along my journey of helping out in these shoots I met several people who I worked with and created incredibly beautiful images that I knew people would frown upon. To see how the rest of this unfolded; check out my blog! Here you will also find out more about me, my journey and my industry. 

I have many passions

Student, mother, model, business woman & fitness enthusiast

I invite you to join me on my journey of photography and videography exposing you to my world of sensuality, intimacy, romance and an expression of erotism. My world of expression will give you an insight and an understanding of my life as a nude model that represents several other genre’s of modelling and photography. I will also give you a little peep into our workshops, behind the scene work, my fitness journey and introduce you to my sponsors who play a large role in my life.

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Awards & Accolades

I will be updating my list of awards and achievements here soon.

Have a look at some of my award  winning photographs below.