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Your Understanding vs My Reality Y


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Little ripples and Big waves L

I spoke to someone recently about what their life purpose is. It has dawned on me that so many people are on the same path of self realisation. Little comments about how suddenly you just don’t feel like putting up with certain energies. How things feel differently. How it has become more common to meditate …

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What I do W

How it started I think one of the common questions I receive is: “how do you do what you do?”. Which goes hand in hand with “when did you start doing what you’re doing?” as well as “what made you decide to do what you do?”. However the most frequently asked question about me would …

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Top Tips for New Faces T

Being a more “mature” model and having the experience I do have; and I am often asked to help out with suggestions or advice with or for other models and photographers. Here are a few top tips: 1. Are you sure? Being a “shmodel” is not always as cracked up as you think it is. …

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A’s for the Q’s A

I love engaging with my followers on social media.  What I do as a nude model intrigues people. People are also curious about my personal life. I get all that and most the time I’ve come to realise that the general public are either misinformed, not educated regarding the industry; curious or ignorant. This is …

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Let it be… L

We are all guilty of hypocrisy. It certainly isn’t intended, yet we all do this. I have yet again had a rant on social media regarding some of my posts being deleted from my pages. Taking it rather personally sometimes; I can’t understand why people would report my images. It’s art after all! If people …

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All that ink for what? A

I am often asked about my tattoos and it’s certainly a great conversation starter. You may notice that I have a few and, they are all rather random. What I love about it; is that each of them has some meaning behind it, and whilst not everyone gets it; I feel that I’m a walking …

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From a joke into a calendar F

Blessings come in various ways I am feeling so incredibly blessed and humbled. When someone asked me middle last year (2018) “when will the calendars come”, I responded that it wasn’t a bad idea. I put it to the test on my story line on Instagram and had such a huge response that it was …

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I am often asked what my family thinks of what I do. I

In the past it used to irk me, and even amuse me that people would ask that question. Why on earth would you wonder that? And most the time I do not understand what that question really means. It’s not until recently that I have come to realise that people are genuinely curious. Being nude …

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I don’t suffer – I survive Lupus I

I usually drift off during my lash appointments. It’s the small matter of having to lie still and not being able to open your eyes for at least an hour and a half. Sometimes two hours. Unfortunately for Sammy, I’m a fiddler and struggle to keep still. So, the only other alternative is to catch …

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