Fine Art Nude

Fine Art Nude

A while back my husband and I was planning a weekend alone. The kids already arranged with their gran to go visit her. My eldest expressed a little concern as she felt her gran was being “strange” when she asked whether her and her brother could come visit.  Ordinarily granny would jump at the prospect of having the kids over, and to spoil them as only she would.  We thought nothing much of this.

About 40 minutes after leaving the house, my husband phones to inform me that they are on their way back home. I immediately realised something was wrong. He sounded incredibly irate and there was a distant sound of hurt.  As he rambled on through his fury, it became evident that he had an argument with granny. It turns out that my nude and boudoir work has reached some of granny’s social circles, and she was mortified.

To cut this story short; I called her and asked her what her quandary was. It turns out that she did not want to be associated with me and my “porn”.  This was most probably one of the biggest turning points in my life.

(Note that said granny is quite okay now)

Growing-up I have always known that I was ‘different’. I see things differently to the mass population. I view things differently and most certainly do things differently.  Once I have realised the love I have for art, the human form and mind and combined the two in what I do now; I had to learn that society did not like you to be ‘different’, nor did everyone believe the same as I did.

  • That the human body is shameful.
  • The human body is only there for sexual needs and uses (which should never be discussed).
  • The human body should be hidden.
  • You have no morals, no respect when you show too much flesh.
  • How dare you show your breasts or your tochus; are you that cheap?
  • Selflove is only for narcissistic individuals.
  • Just stop flaunting and throwing your nakedness in everyone’s faces!

I have lost an entire group of friends – who had mocked me and what I do on their Facebook statuses. An acquaintance telling me that she is sick of me throwing my six pack in her face as people like her battle to look that way. That she is sick of hiding my posts as her little girl may see me naked.  A family member warning me over coffee that this would ruin my kids.  I must be careful of the message that I am portraying.

However as much as each of these hurt me, it has fueled my fire. What is wrong with this world that nudity is condemned? That women especially are slut shamed because they choose to be comfortable in their own skin?  I firmly believe that there would be a dramatic decline in sexual abuse and crimes, should the human form be accepted. Should we all accept that it is NOT SHAMEFUL to be nude. That the human body is a marvelous, magical miracle! Not just a sexual form and object.

Throughout the past year I know I have reached some people with my own art. Though through my own Fine Art Nude that I am incredibly passionate about; I realise not everyone would get it.

I have since embarked on a journey, in which I personally want to showcase how incredibly beautiful the human body can be – nude – whilst still projecting feelings of strength, adoration, love, beauty, elegance and softness. I have been incredibly blessed with meeting like-minded individuals along the way that shares my passion and vision. This has resulted to exciting projects that I will share more about in future.

For now; sit down and relax. Open your mind to the fact that being human is not a shame.

What does society expect? My perspective.

What does society expect? My perspective.

I think we can all relate when the topic of “society and what it expects” that comes up in discussion quite often. The fact that so many things are frowned- upon as we are lead to believe that it is either wrong or unpleasant or just not accepted. Being brought up in a single household, my mum has always taught us to think on our feet, think for ourselves and never-ever depend on anyone. She has also taught us that hurting anyone in anyway is not acceptable, that any religion, culture, race and sex can’t be wrong. That God is within you. That you should question everything. And most of all, you must do what you want – however you need to know that for everything you do, you should have to deal with the repercussions of your decision. Every action has a reaction and you will take responsibility for that.

Being brought up this way, we knew we were different from the average other person. We had friends that we weren’t allowed to have according to our government. We were often sent to the principal’s office for daring to question our teachers. We all knew that we would be successful no  matter what. We have always been quite optimistic – it still irritates people, lol.  And of course, has led me to be the rebel I am.  The topic of what society expects the perfect woman must look like, as well as what we see in the media on a daily basis since who knows when; is certainly not new. I personally had a bout of depression after my second born – and felt physically disgusting. I didn’t match up to how my peers looked.  Silly really considering I was a young mum and most of them were still having the time of their life, whilst I was playing house house;  and I didn’t feel nearly as glamourous as the mums in the post maternal, post-partum magazines that the NHS kept dishing out. Even whilst breastfeeding, these ladies looked like super models.  I eventually got some help – and slowly but surely tried building myself up.  Shortly there after I was diagnosed with Lupus SLA, another topic for another day, which triggered a new-found passion and determination.

Now; after many years I realised that my love of the human body, how it works, how powerful it can be, how beautiful it can be, how strange it can be, how hypnotising it can be as well as how I am able to transform my own. But most of all – how many people are ashamed of theirs.  Since embarking on this road of being a photographic model, I hear the words “you are so lucky to look that way” or “if I looked like you, I would have the guts too”.  What people fail to realise is that I too; thought that way at one stage. That no matter how skinny or overweight you think you are or feel – you will not be happy until you accept yourself and start loving yourself.  I have found it so disappointing how people, woman in specific, have this need or desire to put other people down on social media. To call them out for whatever reason and perhaps feel better for condemning them for showing too much flesh, or for projecting themselves in a certain way. Who actually cares??? If it makes a person feel proud or good about themselves to post something like boobs, butt or their feet – let them be.

This has led me to the current project that I am working on together with my business partner Peter, you would know him has Boudoir Fusion Photography. The aim is to bring some perspective on the topic of nudity, the feelings behind nude images as well as showing nipple *gasp*, the topic of older models, and the topic on the nude model industry.  For this we will include members of the public as well as my fellow modelling peers from all ages.  This is really exciting and all the participants will be interviewed too. If you have any questions about this topic; please get in touch and let us know so that we can include this as part of the project.