A Mom, A Wife and A Model

Nude ModelWelcome to my online page – my name is Alli; here I’d love for you to experience different moods, emotions and styles.

I am a mother to two wonderful children, married for 17 years and reside in Gauteng, South Africa.   After many years within the corporate world; I’ve decided to take the leap and follow my passions.  With the experience of ramp work many years ago; I decided to attempt the modelling industry again. However, as you have noticed; I am not the average conventional model.

This sparked a little flame in my belly. What one can create as an artist in front of a camera is indeed incredible. My personal addiction and infatuation are the lines and shapes that the human body can create – combine that with a mood or emotion.

I not only model in front of the camera; I also pose for art classes and art students, assist in photography and posing workshops and occasionally assist on set with other models. I also have a few models on my books that I assist with modelling jobs or exclusive promotional work.

My other passion is fitness and I work out 6 times a week, attend Yoga and Pilates once a week, as well as follow a very healthy eating plan.

I have been blessed to collaborate with incredible creative minds to achieve each series that you will see on my page.

So how does my page work?

I will be creating a number of limited edition series in addition to a standard unlimited images to purchase.

As a member; you may also request a customised, personalised shoot – where you request various poses. Should you purchase this option, the shoot and images would be exclusively owned by you.

If you would like to book my photographic services, please follow this link.

Please feel free to follow me on my social media platforms (links at the top of the page), to see what I get up to. Thank you for your support.

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