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Our future women O

An open letter to your daughter I am often asked how my children feel about what I do. There are some who have even suggested that what I do may “scar” my daughter. “Have you thought about the implications of what you do, would have on her?” This is for you…. In a world today; …

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From a joke into a calendar F

Blessings come in various ways I am feeling so incredibly blessed and humbled. When someone asked me middle last year (2018) “when will the calendars come”, I responded that it wasn’t a bad idea. I put it to the test on my story line on Instagram and had such a huge response that it was …

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I am often asked what my family thinks of what I do. I

In the past it used to irk me, and even amuse me that people would ask that question. Why on earth would you wonder that? And most the time I do not understand what that question really means. It’s not until recently that I have come to realise that people are genuinely curious. Being nude …

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I don’t suffer – I survive Lupus I

I usually drift off during my lash appointments. It’s the small matter of having to lie still and not being able to open your eyes for at least an hour and a half. Sometimes two hours. Unfortunately for Sammy, I’m a fiddler and struggle to keep still. So, the only other alternative is to catch …

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Fine Art Nude F

A while back my husband and I was planning a weekend alone. The kids already arranged with their gran to go visit her. My eldest expressed a little concern as she felt her gran was being “strange” when she asked whether her and her brother could come visit.  Ordinarily granny would jump at the prospect …

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