How much work goes into being an Instagram model, or OnlyFans creator??

So often the industry that I am in, gets glamorised. I suppose it is only natural considering that one is meant to look aesthetically pleasing all the time. So often it is presumed that because of the nature of the photoshoots I do; one can talk to me like I am a weevil. Like I am lesser human than those who are clothed. So often it is presumed that this may be a sexual fantasy or sexual kick for me.

It gets exhausting to interact with men specifically that enjoys sending unwanted genitals pictures. Or starts off with “you are so hot, I’d like to fuck you” or even “let me lick your tits”. Now don’t get me wrong; I understand that I have left that door open, right? As many folks presume that when you take your kit off you are basically dropping your identity as human and you instantly become a sexual internet avatar that only talks in “sex” and has absolutely no feelings. Why would you? You are making people horny after all. Right?

People such as myself spend hours in our privacy preparing for the week you see on social media or the internet. This is spent in ALL areas; including beauty, shopping and wardrobe planning, concept creation and planning, marketing, advertising, web developing, researcher, student. Hours on social media interacting and building following to turn into leads that will turn into paying subscribers (head of your own sales). Planning of photoshoots, planning of collaborations, venue hunting. This does not include your role as a psychologist, family counsellor and relations advisor to your following or subscribers. Now amongst this, you need to include, eating plans, fitness and training, hair, skin, make-up, nails, lashes, self-tan/tanning etc to either enhance or look after your physical attributes.

And you know something, most – if not all of the above – costs money. More so, it is done to create an income. And as we also know as far as business is concerned, where there is a demand there will be a supply tapping into this market can be profitable. It takes a certain type of person with a thicker skin to last or make it a success.

With this profession comes a number of other challenges, including staying friendly, and patient. The effect of internet bullying and social media pressures on mental health is insane. It is not the nearly naked pictures that affect you as much as the abuse from strangers and weird followers that think it is okay to talk to you like you are lesser than anyone else, because you wear less. It is the persistence in keeping your business alive and your sites going by fighting those who keep reporting your content or that trolls you. It’s the pressures of coming up with creativity the someone told you that you are doomed, you are going to hell, that your family must be ashamed of you. For me personally, it is the assumption that because I am such a free spirit that I must be into all kinds of sex shows, lifestyles and kinks. And that I would like to meet up and have sex.

Personally, I feel it is disgusting that the Facebook corporation specifically have so much favourability towards the toxic patriarchal system that allows people to treat women with such little to no respect. A man can DM me and talk abusively to me, send me all kinds of sick videos and pictures. I will report in continually and nothing will be done. The number of times that one has to report anything on any of the Facebook companies and yet nothing is done.

It would interesting to know whether you knew how much goes into being a nude model or an adult content creator. It would be more interesting whether this has made you realise that there is a lot more to this than just taking your kit off.

If you are a content creator – or want to be one, make sure you reach out to Scarlett Moon or me to help you start up.