There is not much more to say. It’s the same old story as always. Why the heck in this day and age are we being penalised for having a body part that we were ALL born with. Why is a nipple so friggen offensive?

I ran a question on my Instagram storyline, asking what the most sensual part of a lady is. Out of all the answers (approximately 270) only TWO people mentioned nipples. Do you know what the most mentioned body part was? Lips and Eyes. ***Insert me waving my hands here*** BOTH of those body parts are – as with nipples – body parts that most of us were born with… **waving hands in extreme gestures yet again** What is it that I do not get? What am I missing here?

I understand that our genitals – created for natural body functions as well as for reproductive functions; is a complete different story. It is something that may change in appearance and in different senses throughout different emotions. A nipple? It becomes erect when you’re cold. Other than that a female human may or may not use it to feed an infant. THAT.IS.IT.

Most of my images and work include my bare chest. For social media purposes, I would censor these yet there are still some MOFO’s who seem to think that my poor nipples are deadly! Shameful! Disrespectful! YIKES! And If they don’t seem to be offended, Facebook and Facebook-owned companies are devastated when another human born with the same biological structure, may just show that fridge body part. I mean let’s face it, my children must be absolutely screwed since they touched and suckled off my puppy noses 8 months each. Never mind SEEING it….nearly every day!

Personally I feel that wearing corduroy suits should not be done in public, nor should people be allowed to eat with their mouth open (or eat loudly, or scrape their plates with a knife and fork) however we live and let live and I don’t friggen report any of them.

And as one would have it with a communists-like run company such as Facebook and Instagram – my accounts are forever reported, and there is no human that could deal with it from the company’s side. Instagram removed my account – now it seems like it may even have been hacked. It’s been a week and you hear nothing. You can spam them all you like; however, it’s a multi-billion-dollar company that couldn’t give a feck who complaints (just look at their support system and inbox – millions of support requests hanging….unanswered for months on end). The latest thing? You are told what you can and cannot say. You are told what you can or cannot post regarding politics, religion and sexual orientation (*cough* sound just like being told to wear a mask *cough*) However, if you are sexually harassed or bullied they ignore the victims attempt to report it. And the culprits happily carries on.

Nothing and no one was hurt in the creation of this image

So I guess I will climb back into my box, censor the crap out of my poor pink jellytots that upsets Facebook world and their followers (I even added jewellery to enhance the scariness), and silently curse those loud eaters and folks who insist on wearing bad shoes.

Hey, if you are not afraid of my chest berries – head on over to my nude gallery….if you dare 😂

OH and if you don’t already. Check out my social media accounts – they are restricted of course however I do share some content 😜