Blessings come in various ways

I am feeling so incredibly blessed and humbled. When someone asked me middle last year (2018) “when will the calendars come”, I responded that it wasn’t a bad idea.

I put it to the test on my story line on Instagram and had such a huge response that it was a done deal. We will have a calendar for 2019. We fast approached December and with all the touring and workshops, I had little time to decide which images would be best suited for this calendar. It had to be special and exclusive. Not all that was posted and plastered on social media and also not on my site – as the members would have seen it already (what would make it so special then?)

Come January I still only had a handful of images. Some of the images that I withheld from the public eye started to bore me – and if that was the case; it would certainly bore he audience. Another issue I had was when Tony my tattoo artist asked about his copy; I realised that the calendar will be for all his clients to see too. It simply had to be above average.

Quality over quantity

After being in touch with various print companies, I shared my ideas (and some frustrations) with my photography sponsor Peter Driessel (Boudoir Fusion Photography ). In case you didn’t know; he specialises in boudoir, nude, conceptual, weddings and pet photography.

Peter and I have become good friends so I trust Peter’s judgments and listen to his suggestions. We have decided to shoot new images for the calendar. Not only are these new images, they have not been seen before and after the calendar is done; we wont release any of the images until February 2020.

Captured by Peter Driessel – Boudoir Fusion Photography

The race

And so, the race to get the calendar out (before 2020) has begun! As we speak, Peter is busy with the final touches. We have created and selected various images that would hopefully cater for all my followers’ tastes. Some studio work, some artistic, some funny, some sexy and sultry, and some just soft and sensual. And what makes me so proud is that I not only get to work alongside an award-winning photographer; our audience get exclusive ownership to these images.

It will not get seen – unless you own a copy of this calendar, or unless you see it from the owner of the calendar.


I have the best photographer that has assisted me in sharing some beautiful work. I have had an amazing response with regards to buyers. Some who have even bought a few as gifts for their mates. My international followers requesting their digital copies (we will be releasing those at the same time); and most of all: the support from everyone.

I love what I do. I love my art. I love expressing myself through my work. Most of all; I’ve noticed that people have started warming up to the idea of what I do. That there’s something magical and beautiful. No hidden agendas. No hidden motives.

Just what you see (well – on social media it’s cencored!)