In the past it used to irk me, and even amuse me that people would ask that question. Why on earth would you wonder that? And most the time I do not understand what that question really means.

It’s not until recently that I have come to realise that people are genuinely curious. Being nude in front of the camera, then being published on several sites and magazines would surely mean millions would get to see me “naked”. The idea that I’d be walking down the street; knowing that a few strangers would potentially have seen me without clothes does sound a little scary.

From the Blade Runner series – captured by FionaFoto

But is it as scary as you think?

Rewind to a few years back and ask my children what their thoughts were. My eldest’s concern were her peers. More importantly – what would the boys say and think?? Understanding this from a teen’s point of view is fundamental. They are at a very precarious time of their lives where social acceptance is of upmost importance.

My son on the other hand was of the opinion that as long as I was clothed in public. Oh, and he made sure that EVERYONE had to know that his mummy is married.

Now? Now my daughter proudly advertises that her mummy is a nude model. What has changed? She will tell you that she’s been educated. She’s been on several photo-shoot jobs and researched a lot of what I do and seen that the amount of hard work that goes into one shot alone; would make you realise that it has nothing to do with being “naked” but everything to do with getting the “nude shot.

Similarly, with my husband. He would tell you that the first time he was on set with me and saw me work; he immediately realised that it has never been about seeking attention, nor wanting to flaunt my body. It has always been about my love and passion in what I do.

Difference between NAKED and NUDE

This is a topic that’s been discussed at length.

Technically speaking, naked implies that a person is unprotected or vulnerable. It also describes something that is unadorned or without embellishment, as in the oft-mentioned naked truthNude, on the other hand, means one thing: unclothed.

So what do my family and friends say?

This discussion was discussed over the past weekend where my closest friend of 20 years explained; at first, she had two thoughts going through her mind.

One is that her partner follows me….that would mean that he will see me naked. Second was that we are of similar age; and she doesn’t look like me. That being said – she is one of my biggest supporters, fans and followers.

“I realised that these concerns were not your fault, as they were my own insecurities”

My mum would tell you she’s incredibly proud of me. My sisters too are very proud and support me 100%  – although my one sister would tell you that she wants to comment on most the slimy comments I get, or send them personal warning messages.


I am often also asked how I can put up with the messages and silly comments I receive. Yes, I agree that it is disrespectful to tell me how “beautiful my tits are” or to comment with a “yummmmm”; however keeping in mind that humans are sexual beings, men especially look at this from a visual stimulating perspective (not all men) so it would quite silly to throw a wally publicly every time a guy reacts like that when my nudity is in fact in everyone’s faces.

My objective is not to tell people that they are wrong when they feel what they feel when looking at my work. Instead I would implore you as the viewer to at least attempt to see the creativity, the art, the work and the final results. To appreciate it for all the passion, love and work that has gone into that shot – rather than wondering what others may think, or to assume I offer sexual services.

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