What the DM – v2

What the DM – v2

If you are a loyal follower; you would have seen a while back that Ive posted some of the weird and wonderful DM’s I receive from followers. Most the time these are from the arb guys. The “passer by’s” I’d like to call them 😂

Note that I don’t always disclose their names as I really dislike “naming and shaming”. A lot of you disagree with this; however I do not feel good/satisfied/better/empowered in embarrassing someone else; and certainly not out there to “teach lessons”. This is good comical fun though…

I’m often asked how I even deal with it or cope with it. Very easily. 1. They have no idea who I am, 2. They were raised not respecting women 3. They have problems with their sexual lives 4. They are trollers

Caught out!







You beauti



U no pretty anyway!!!!!

looking gergious


Sugar Daddy Proposal

Wanting to get spoilt rotten with good money, afford luxury clothes, shoes and good lifestyle with a weekly allowance? Am a sugar daddy looking for a loyal and honest sugar Baby to take care of, kindly HMU if interested.

I’m still waiting 😎

Dude: Hey kan u send naked video pvt

Me: You first

Dude: Ai jis do video call

Me: No, just send me a video of you

Dude: No do not hafe video of me

Me: Send me a video of you

Dude: What

Me: Send me a video of you

Me: A naked one

Dude: huh

Me: Dude – seriously? Let’s think about this. Really carefully

Dude: nag

Me: You really think I will send “naked pictures or videos” of me? To you? Who are you even? If you want naked videos or pictures go look on pornsites. Bye

Me: BTW send me your parents details – I need to congratulate them on teaching you manners and respect

Dude: huh?


Dude: Hiiiiiiiii sexy

Dude: You are so gorgeous, and have an incredible delicious body. Tell me, would a fine women like you be taken? Let’s hook up sometime and I can show you a few things *insert an unusual amount of arb emoji’s*

Dude: I guess the cat caught your tongue *insert double of the above amount of emoji’s*

Me: Hey there, thank you. No – however you did appear to message me at 3am. And in all fairness I was catching up on some much needed beauty sleep. No kitties in sight! That leads me to my next answer. I have never gone anywhere against my will, therefor not “taken”. I am however married 🙂

Dude: Aaaaaaaah sorry. Just delete this message. Thanks. I didn’t mean any of it anyway

Me: WHAT? Are you telling me I’m ugly?

Dude: That is not what I meant.

Me: Oh, so I’m not gorgeous, nor fine?

Dude: No, you are very beautiful

Me: Oh you’re assuming that I won’t be lost anymore since I’m “taken” therefor you won’t need to show me “a few things”?

Dude: Yes

Me: Out of curiosity; what exactly were you going to show me (considering you appear to be 19 and I am 39)


Too Easy

Dude: hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Me: no

Dude: Okay

How does one resist this?

Too Easy 2

Dude: Can I ask you something?

Me: (think: here we go….) Typing: Sure 😊

Dude: When you pose, do you get horny. Or do you turn the photographer on?

Me: No, and no. This is a job. Do you get turned on at work?

Dude: Sometimes

Me: Well I don’t

Dude: Can I send you a picture?

Me: No thank you

Dude: Please

Me: No

Dude: okay.

Dude: Have a nice evening

Dude: If you change your mind……

Mr Famous

Dude: Thnx 4 da follow love ur gallery wow

Me: Thank you

Dude: Pleasure do you mind sharing some pictures or videos mwa

Me: You may find all my images on artbyam.com

Dude: Was hoping u would make it more special by sending it 4 me Swt *insert roses and hearts and kisses and hearts and roses*

Me: Thanks. I’m a professional model. I don’t swap images. All my images are “special”

Dude: Im totally aware of that but u caught my attention and I find u so attractive its also my dream and vision to become a pro bodybuilder

Me: I suggest you do your research prior to addressing any lady and disrespecting her. I am not a porn star. One of the lessons I suggest you learn (on your way to get your Pro card and being a prominent figure within the industry) is respect and being humble. NOT asking to swap nude videos.

Me: Have a nice life

Since you ask so nicely….


Dude: Hey! hgd?

Dude: Wmj?

Dude: halo sexy; wmj?

Me: what does that even mean?

Dude: jmr mooi dang. js bja mooi!

Me: no

Dude: Jys rrg bja mooi

Dude: Halo?

Dude: wmj

Whilst I do try and engage as much as I can with my followers on IG, I limit my time on Facebook. I also found that the people on Facebook are – in general and not everyone – a little more rude and crude. Perhaps I have just started loosing interest due to the very strict rules and restrictions. Regardless, I value each person who follows me, respects me and takes the time to appreciate what I do. Whatever their thoughts, assumptions or intentions are!

Version 3 will most likely be posted soon! Hope you had a little giggle 😜

Our future women

Our future women

An open letter to your daughter

I am often asked how my children feel about what I do.

There are some who have even suggested that what I do may “scar” my daughter. “Have you thought about the implications of what you do, would have on her?”

This is for you….

In a world today; where it is easier to buy your daughter a princess outfit – show her how she already is a princess and to accept nothing less from anyone.

In a world today; where it is easier for an opportunist to “pass the buck” and blame circumstances or other people for their behaviour and mistakes – show her to take responsibility for her own actions and decisions, to learn from them and not to make them gain.

In a world today; where people will tell you to dress in a certain way to be socially accepted or not to “draw unnecessary attention” – be YOURSELF and wear whatever the hell you want to.


Rather than telling your daughter that she should respect herself and love herself, show her how to do this by doing it yourself. Stop staring in that mirror with disapproval. Stop saying out loud that you are fat. Stop comparing yourself to other women. All of that?? That is all SEEN by your little girl….absorbed….and that is you teaching her NOT to love herself.

Rather than talking about what others may think…show your daughter that self-respect starts with you believing in yourself – no matter what others think. To stand up for your own beliefs – no matter what others think.

Beautiful Soulful Moments captured by Lyle Simes

Strong and Empowered

You know what our world needs? More strong and empowering women who backs one another. That encourages one another. Who believes in one another.

Less gossiping. Less discussing and unpacking each other’s lives.

Who cares what she wore?

Who cares whether she made effort with make-up?

Who cares whether she’s a size 20 or a size 4?

The best feeling in the world is knowing that there are others who have your back. That you can conquer the world because there’s a tribe of women that will always be by your side. You know what is better than that? Being one of those women.

How do we create such a system? By being those women and our daughters SEEING it, EXPERIENCING it.


My daughter has been brought up in an environment that there is no pressure to look a certain way.

That loving yourself has nothing to do with how much or how little clothing you have on, at any given time. That being beautiful does not mean that you have to be a certain way, or look a certain way. That being lady means that you believe in yourself and in others. Being a lady means that you are generous in giving love and kindness – not whether you have clothes on or not.

That people will always have an opinion – and that is okay; that is their prerogative. People will judge. That’s human. It is not for us to return that sadness, nor judge them for feeling the way they do.

My daughter has been brought up; knowing that she is entitled to respect and love – regardless of what and how much (or little) she decides to wear. No one has the right to decide what she wants or deserves – regardless of what and how much (or little) she wears.

Some people are comfortable nude.

Some people are comfortable being modest.

That is okay.

Your body is your temple

And you should be proud of your body. You live in it, you have the tools to look after it. And that would shine brighter than words. Only then will your daughter believe it.

She will become a self-loving, strong, empowering woman that is kind and loving.  She will be a lady that will touch many people’s hearts and souls – and it will have nothing to do with what she wears (or not wear)

How does my career affect my daughter?

She has learned that she’s beautiful when she accepts herself.

She has learned that she’s strong and independent without anyone’s approval.

She has learned that self-respect starts with looking after herself.

She is learning that standing up for yourself is more rewarding than nodding along with the masses.

She is very proud of what I do and the woman I am; and I am humbled that I have the young independent and strong woman I see in my little girl.

How does my career affect my son?

He has learned that no matter what – you respect another human. Especially women. They are all goddesses. They are all worthy of love, worthy of kindness and worthy of being treated with respect. That they are a man’s right hand – and his heartbeat.

Whether they are clothed or not.