There is often a misconception as to what I do – and why I do it.  I consider myself a fulltime artist and business woman.  My art is modelling; either live or photographically. A lot of which are – you would NEVER guess – NUDE!!!

What that means is that I pose in classic or extreme gestures for art classes, art student, art schools, artists and designers. I also use different concepts which are captured photographically.   Another aspect of my moddeling is for photographic workshops, which most of the time are attended by photographers who are either new to a certain genre photography, does photography as a hobby, or those that want to brush up on a particular style.   Posing would also incorporate receiving a brief from a private client (usually an artist) and capturing a series of extreme poses, photographically, for them to own outright and sketch/paint or whatever it is that they would need it for.

I am a serial networker and very passionate in connecting business woman and assisting in creating a community of local business’ supporting and growing one another.   Furthermore, I sell my work to any private or corporate buyer.

The images you see are often from a concept that was suggested or planned by either a photographer, any other client (even individuals) or myself. There are also times where my business associate and I start with a small idea and end up with something completely different, however; these concepts take time to plan, research, and involve a lot of creativity.   With some clients I am asked to provide my own wardrobe to assist with the concept and in other cases a stylist is provided or the wardrobe is provided.

I usually attempt to achieve an emotion or a feeling from the viewer. In most of my shoots I portray a sensual soft side, and in other images it’s more of a direct boldness.   What I do is push boundaries, expressing my passion WHILST keeping my art elegant and regal.

You may have wondered about the wierdo’s; I have a lot of weird and wonderful strangers “sliding into my DM” on my social media platforms. Some of them are entertaining; however, I would never brush anyone off for supporting me; or appreciating anything I do, and I am so grateful of my loyal supporters. I do not, however, entertain crude, rude and vulgar comments or messages.   Fortunately my Instagram page,  Le Agency is managed by a social media manager which eliminates the “cray-crays”on behalf of me!

Keep a look out for my next blog!! I’ll be covering those cray-cray comments soon!

I’m looking forward to your feedback xx