I was sitting with Bron – my lovely hairdresser and sponsor – who has recently lost her husband to COVID, and chatting about how the past few months have been for pretty much every single person on earth. As Bron would say; “we have all gone through the most”. Before New year’s, I’d see the messages and meme’s on social media where some may say: “waiting to see who’s gone through hell during 2020”.

But is that not just it? As a collective, we’ve all been pushed one way or the other. We’ve been tested and let’s face it, whether you suffer from anxiety or not, you cannot leave your home without feeling the anxiety and tension in the air. What did you do to CHANGE things though? I mean what are you now doing differently that you never dreamt of a year ago?

We have all been forced and to change some of the other routine, habit, outlook, job, hobby etc somewhere along the line. What used to be 9 – 5 (or 8 – 5) for most people have completely changed. From being “against” online or homeschooling to now insisting that we don’t participate in any group gatherings, and having Zoom calls and meetings.

Our household dynamic has changed in many different ways. We’ve become very focussed on what “important” relationships are, and what important quality time is and who you choose to share energy with. That as well as the way we approach any situation. Being confined to your home meant that you are forced to spend many more hours with those at home. It requires patience, understanding and compassion. It requires most of all patience. And some patience. And then some more patience!

More than anything that this has taught us, was how to look at a challenge with fresh eyes. As with everything; there is always a solution. And taking a step back, you either make that call to pursue or leave it, or to approach it differently. And should you “leave” it, what will fill that gap? What new opportunities are there? What must you do or start or create, to fill that space? The human’s abilities are endless, and our minds are something fascinating. And your conscious decisions will ultimately grow your subconscious beliefs. Knowing that you can pretty much do anything that you want to do, is a great foundation to go after either your passions or a gap in the market that you never thought of filling.

Our reality and our normality have changed. It won’t and cannot ever go back to pre-2020. There’s an ever-increasing energy of folks going through awakenings. There’s a massive change coming. You know it. You can feel it. Whether you believe in White Hatters, in PizzaGate, in UFO’s or any of that – or not…

In the interim, make sure that you look after yourself. Your health, and those closest to you. Make sure that you appreciate what you have, however, change what does not serve you. If it does add value – leave it. And more than anything, create an understanding and an environment of compassion. And vibrate at a level of love as much as possible, so that we as a collective can heal the world.