And so I took that leap. A few months ago, I was rather stubborn about the idea of using anything other than my own website, considering I’ve worked so hard to build my brand. I had discussions and debates with Peter (my friend and photographer) and Tyler about the connotation each of the adult platforms had. The suggestion was that I should give it a shot; however to me it meant giving up on my own brand and succumbing to the label of “adult entertainer” or the sex industry.

Now don’t get me wrong… there is – in my view – absolutely NOTHING wrong with the adult industry, sex industry or whatever its is called in your household. I just have my own class, standard and expectations. Covid happened.

Lock down happened, and I ended up learning more on photography and shooting Tyler (photos) for his Patreon and OnlyFans. It amazed me how easy these platforms are. Fast forward a few months and Ty and I found ourselves being asked by various followers to do more “couple shoots”. Unfortunately majority of our work was removed by the FB corporation on their various platforms as our work seemed to be in direct violation of their “sexual acts and nudity” rules and guidelines.

Ty suggested OnlyFans, and our couples page was born. It is such a hit! And easy to use. No discrimination from the creators. And no idiotic followers harassing or complaining or reporting. It’s a friggen breeze! To top it all off? We can freely engage with our members.

I ran the idea past Peter to move all my nude, sensual and erotic work over to OF, and of course Peter was game – also laughed at me since I was so adverse to using it a few month back. I have started moving my members over from this site to the OF site and have rapidly gained a new following. I LOVE IT! You are in complete control, you engage and can offer extras to make extra cash if you chose to or wanted to. I have since found another site that I’m enjoying. Very similar to FB, with no control nor ads and censorship. MeWe is amazing too!

2020 was turbulant year. A trying year however definitely an incredibly innovative year. People were “forced” to think outside the box, too create new methods and ways to create business and of course to c change their thinking. I have also come to realise that I absolutely LOVE being an example of a woman that can be nude, be sensual, be erotic, celebrate all that and still be a mother, a friend, a daughter, a sister, a partner, a girlfriend…. a HUMAN. All my work is of the highest quality. All meh work carries me, my personality, and my lust to showcase the beauty of the human.

Thank you all for your support as always.

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