WARNING: some foul language and explicit images may be included****

My previous version of What the DM’s have become so popular due to the humour, and my responses. I always attempt to keep things light-hearted. In fact, there is so much seriousness every day that a little humour goes a long way. However, most of the time I either block and delete the nonsense I receive or I take the folks on. The following screenshots are a few examples of what I (and I assure you – many other women) receive. Now the most common comments I receive when I post the unjust behaviour of other men, would be: “why don’t you block them”? “just ignore them”, “don’t waste your energy on that”.

I have said this many times, my passions and my social standing has resulted in me speaking up for those who can’t or are not heard. Yes, perhaps my energy can be spent elsewhere…OR perhaps I may make a difference to one person by making them understand that it is NOT OKAY. Below I’ve posted the most recent offenders.

He blocked me straight after that

Often in these messages, the sender will try and turn things around or accuse me of either not hearing them out or even suggesting that I am aggressive in my views. Granted that emotion quite often does play a role; I personally try not to allow emotion to get involved as it often obscures a view or can even create irrational behaviour. I do however feel frustrated when an individual starts blaming others for their own behaviour, or excuse their behaviour due to circumstances. The biggest challenge today is that we do not take ownership or responsibility for our own behaviour.

For the next addition, keep your eyes peeled..