Prior to starting this webpage, I received a DM on Instagram from a follower asking why I was not on OnlyFans. I have no clue what they were talking about and upon looking into OF, the first page I landed on was a sexually explicit page of a well-known pornographer. So; of course, my immediate thoughts were – this is not what I do therefore I do not want to give that impression to anyone. Later, every time someone asked for my OF I would refer them to my website. And why not? I have my own membership platforms.

During the Covid pandemic and lockdown, Tyler decided to open a Patreon account and had way too many challenges and hurdles with that platform. They would make it difficult to pay out; they’d it difficult to post; it was technically frustrating. He then considered OF after talking to a few of our fellow models and friends within the adult industry. To me the connotation to the sex industry was still a concern, however Ty was able to create a model page where he could showcase his nude art without being targeted or penalised and without the challenges he faced with Patreon.

Since all the above; my main Instagram account was removed by Facebook twice with no reason or explanation. My back up account is currently missing and another backup account was permanently deleted. No reason. No explanation. I’ve since then emailed Facebook, as well as approached various companies who are fighting the legal battle against Facebook/Instagram for unfairly removing accounts.

Instagram is one of the main social media platforms that bring in revenue for me; so needless to say losing a following of 21k+ and 9k+ is devastating on my bank account – not to mention we are in the middle of an economical crisis as is! This forced me to look elsewhere and to continue with my studies. A blessing in disguise I know!

I have become friends with many folks worldwide through social media and I have come to realise easy and functional Only Fans can be. Many of these individuals are in the adult industry, many of them are not. What is favourable about this platform is that there are very few restrictions. After stumbling upon my main account again (I didn’t know that it was enabled again); I posted an image of Tyler and I in the shower. It is a stunning black and white professional image and “implied”. Meaning that though we seem naked all “bits” are hidden and covered. This was removed as “sexually explicit” and that was yet again the beginning of my account being harassed by something or someone that removes posts without any reason. One story post was of an incredibly beautiful tattoo on a man’s back – removed for violating Instagram’s rules and guidelines. I digress!

This is probably the most frustrating process. Loosing your account multiple times, building up engagement and visibility and restarting the momentum of business traffic. So after the last few posts were removed of Tyler and I, Tyler suggested OnlyFans. And for the first time, I was not only open to the idea but also excited. These shots are such a waste we feel, as we cannot share it on Facebook or Instagram. Allot of these shots or intimate, sexy and passionate. So why not share it on a very affordable platform. So many of you guys ask about us, and ask about our modelling. Whether there is jealousy, how we work together or work apart. How we work!

So here is guys! Should you be one of the curious followers; check out our beautiful, sexy, lustful work on OnlyFans (link below). Note that I will not stop with my webpage and brand name and in. fact, have decided to make a few changes to simplify it slightly. I will still post my erotic and sensual high-quality work on artbyam. com; however all the professional couple’s work, as well as our selfies, nudes and videos, will be posted on The Amoureux